IT Consultancy

  • Is your business getting the right support of your IT?
  • What is the right infrastructure, based on the size of your business?
  • Your business is growing faster then your IT can handle, what should you do?

These are issues we can advise you about, leaving you to focus on what really matters for your business. The advice we give is pragmatic, concentrating on the interests of you and your clients.

In practice

We provide advice on the best software and/or system choice for your organization.

We conduct risk and feasibility analyses, and we can also prepare a design of the right IT infrastructure. Do you have doubts about advice you were given earlier?

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our specialists will visit you for an obligation-free second opinion.

What you get?

We can help you with complex issues. We listen to you, and study your organization and goals closely. Thanks to our broad knowledge and experience, Bodrix can advise you about a wide range of subjects. All of them are of course IT-related issues. Sometimes, an issue may relate to the performance of your organization. After all, the strategic use of IT resources can be very important to you.

Organizational or process-related changes affect the entire organization and IT is often underexposed or even forgotten entirely. The result is that IT developments are lacking or even hamper the scheduled change. Bodrix can help you take the right steps and make a transition so that IT supports your business.

Solid advice starts by asking the right questions and we can help you to simplify and correctly formulate your needs. We always aim for a personal and pragmatic approach, as the follow-up strongly depends on the complexity of the issue.
At the end of the process, Bodrix will provide result-oriented advice that you can use to adjust your plans, initiate new projects or prepare a budget for succesfull execution.